Chez Panisse

Bay Area

French Fries, French Toast, French Press, French Onions, French Dressing, Baguettes, Foie Gras, any idea where I’m going with this? Probably not, none of these things originated in France (WTS – Wikipedia That Shit) So…..

Tonight I decided to go the Five Star route and roll alone into Chez Panisse in Berkeley. I wanted to revisit the food of a legend – Alice Waters – Star Chef – and a woman – who is a bright light in a world dominated by men.

I speak a lot about Asia, culture and it’s food but have an above average knowledge of Europe as well. Great French food exists in your backyard – its food, presentation and approach has been a huge part of my global edification. Think Vietnam, my favorite food on the planet – heavily influenced by the French.

You simply can’t live one dimensionally with friends, environments, travel and food. It’s the Five Star to Dive Bar philosophy. My grandparents who were poor farmers from Arkansas probably would fight me over this fact, if they were alive. (love you both) but they lived on a myopic focused farm in Arkansas and variety didn’t exist. Baptist, pulpits, rigidity and conformity. I learned a lot from them. Today I’m fortunate in having a choice. Choice for me is a gateway to life which I abuse like the bridge into Tijuana, get in, do damage and then get back to your safe spot. Let me in, I’m from merica!!!

Just remember if for a second you think I’m refined about food, culture and travel. You don’t know me. I’m educated, feisty and no dummy. I speak from a ton of experience, lots of reading and my X factor – no fear. But I define myself by my fuckups rather than accomplishments. I have built a beautiful wall where it’s displayed. It’s a place where u can spray paint your shit but your just painting over my own graffiti.

So….. as you read my rants remember, I have a fiddle, banjo and voices screaming “Boy, you gotta purty mouth” rolling in my head at all times. I own my space and very proud of it.

I love food, I love French food, I mean what culture has been able to take duck fat and goose liver from dirty vintage porn to refined opera? Think about it. The food is incredible because they use copious amounts of fats, with high quality produce and designated growing regions for its animal protein sources.

French food is a large subject, and I can’t cover it in just a few stories. Tonight though, Alice presented something reflective of her self – as a woman I would guess.

When your served bread in the shape of a vagina, common. I mean, I blushed. Is the chef trying to get a reaction or making a statement? This is a woman’s kitchen! Never seen dick bread before?? ….I just stared at it admiring it for what it was, or could be. I thought to myself wow this is pure – “Culinarylingus”. A Pinnacle for me …no, an experience yes, aroused …… maybe. Waiter, more butter please….. #fivestartodivebar

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