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Hawaii, USA

I remember going to my first haunted house as a kid and holding hands with two buddies in sheer fright. I remember seeing The Exorcist for the first time. I still feel the terror of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Shining. All experiences that scared the sh** out of me but hardened and calloused me for the future. As I held @delarrozl hair as she moaned and puked into a bush, I asked myself wtf did I just witness. Giddy excitement turned into horror and here I was gazing into a wall lacking the ability to speak. I don’t believe in exploitation of people or animals for that matter. Shit, if you know me, I love VIP access and front row seats. But last night, was a collision of the senses and I questioned my ability to make good choices. Sitting front row while I gripped onto my coors light can, Watching our entertainer rummage around something that resembled a hatchet wound looking for their keys, phone and wallet and a few gold fish…… simply isn’t normal. Wtf was I looking at?? HELP!!! Halloween came early for Lauren and I this year and I’m going to try and Control Alt Delete the experience. I still haven’t kissed Lauren today – we simply lack the ability register last night. Maybe we should have just gone to Cheesecake Factory for dinner …. fuck that – last night was awesome!

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