Drinking Beer in Music City – Skip the Flip Flops

Who doesn’t love Lake Tahoe, it’s an incredibly beautiful place. The lake, mountains and lifestyle is undeniably one of the top places to visit in the world.

However, what this town is overrun by is white lazy ski bum douche mentally challenged stoned guys who work in the food service industry. I mean what the fuck is the issue with some of these servers and bartenders. Is Lake Tahoe near a college for imbedded stupidity? Oh that’s right, it is, Sierra College…. where credits aren’t transferable anywhere but to Healds……

Marco Polo Tawainese Pizza

Pizza…..did you say Pizza? I don’t know many people whose head isnt on a swivel when you hear those magical words. Just saying the word brings up dreamy utopian thoughts of Oompa Loompa’s dancing and singing, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, its Amore!” It’s simply “SALIVATION SALVATION!” There are so many fucking different types of Pizza in the world, it truly is like our universe, or my x wives mouth, never ending. The debate on what style of pizza is best is also endlessly debatable. However, a fact most people dont realize is Pizza didn’t originate in Italy. Ok Sloate, well where in the fuck did it?

saigon motorbikes

Frogger in Saigon

SFO Airport Issues

SFO Terminal Illness

Really excited today as I am boarding a plane heading into the Deep South, Nashville and then on to the low country of Charleston South Carolina. This trip is about learning, listening and immersing myself into a somewhat recent movement, the revival of Southern Cooking. This Revival has been spearheaded by a small group of chefs, farmers and geneticists. My goal for this trip is to eat my way through all socio economic levels in both cities to hopefully grasp and communicate to you what the hell is going on, hallelujah! Five Star to Dive Bar excursions, always fun. Now…