Central Cultural Food Confusion

Newcastle, Ireland May 2017

I rest my case – suburban cities in Ireland are struggling in the Culinary Arena, period!  Just imagine for a second what this place is going to smell like.  I would assume a blended aroma of a 12 year old boys school gym locker room, your cats dirty litter box and my buddy Ahmed who works at the Chevron in town who hasn’t showered in a week and is at the peak of ripeness.  What a brilliant idea……  if it wasn’t fucking foggy enough in Ireland let’s create a restaurant where it’s a toxic foggy gas chamber.

I  am not a proponent of Cheesecake Factory. Their belief and success that they can cook a multitude of cultural foods (with pictures and advertisements in their menu’s) under one roof is a view of how uneducated American pallets have become.  Or how much we have become complacent and lazy by myopic chain restaurant ambiguity. 

If you have no fucking idea what these cultures food actually tastes like and it’s all the same to you. And if teriyaki beef is your idea of good Japanese  –  You go get em, get your frequent eater card on at Outback Steakhouse and throw another “Shrimp on the Barbie.”  My opinion is it’s DN – Dumb and Numbing. But who am I….  If you enjoy it good for you, but if your semi conscious think through your food choices.

Footnote – I like Cheesecake Factory’s desserts, shoved my face in a few pies and cakes in my time- and BTW – it is their name…. right? Cheesecake Factory – not Lee’s Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Italian Factory. 

However in the pillow fight between Ocean Buffet (sounds like a bad Luau) and Cheesecake Factory.  I m going to go out on a limb and the Factory will edge these guys out in quality and taste. We have a winner!!

Whew, ouch – enough of that! Just got into Dublin and I’m already hopeful for what’s coming.  Maybe….. But first – tourist time – heading to a Guinness Tour. And someone tell Ahmed take a shower!! #fivestartodivebar #5star2divebar

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