Jim Sloate

About Your Guide

Who is Jim Sloate? Hmm, good question. I’ve worked in real estate for years and owned a successful winery, but through it all, I’ve been an incurable world traveler and connoisseur of food and drink. Having eaten, drank, and partied my way around the globe many times over, I feel the urge to share my many and varied experiences.
Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t about me crowing about all the fun things I’ve done; my goal is to share my experiences in a straightforward (no bullshit) way, to inform, to entertain, to challenge, and, most of all, to inspire you to seek out your own adventures. I’ve gone from eating street-food on plastic benches to the finest three-star Michelin-rated gastronome’s palaces, and I’ve enjoyed both extremes equally.
If you’re looking for lofty prose, forget it; you won’t find it here. I aim to slice away the literary fat to expose the juicy, succulent facts: the where, the why, and sometimes why not. It’s often not just the food, service, and ambience; some of my most sublime experiences have sprung themselves on me out of the blue, utterly incidental to the business at hand.
Always remember, joy can happen anywhere, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You just have to be ready for it and open to it. To this end, I invite you to venture by my side, between the bookends of life, traveling from five star to dive bar, discovering the good and the bad, and maybe having a laugh along the way. And if I inspire you to retrace my steps, I hope you have an even better time than I did. Please write and tell me how it went for you.
And now, join me as I set out to set shit straight—with absolutely zero fucks given.