Nashville, USA

Ok it’s time to play, “Guess what the fuck this is?” Occasionally I run into something that is so different it’s screams ORDER ME!!! And today was one of those days… So, what the fuck is it? Is it Gene Simon’s dissected tongue? A swanky Nobu Japanese Sea Cucumber? Or my old dog Willie the Dash-hounds dissected Pee Pee….? Gag – sorry I had too- Give up? 

It’s a Southern Mississippi Delta favorite – Kool-Aid pickles or also known as Koolickles. Just grab a jar of Vlasic pickles drop them into a large vat of Kool-Aid and after two weeks you got yourself a mighty fine pickle. Now get your pickle out of the Kool-Aid and think about the potential of Koolickles. The color potential – why not go purple we could call it Burple Pickles. Someone call PAAS the Easter egg dye company, why hasn’t Kool-Aid moved on this …… NO, not a good idea, okayyyy moving on. 

Any way these pickles were good. The combination of Sweet and Sour would make Martin Yan from Yan Can Cook squeal with excitement. #fivestartodivebar#5star2divebar

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