Rose Pistola Closing

San Francisco, USA

North Beach SF Best Restaurants

San Francisco is sweltering 78 degrees today, so I decided to roll into an area of the city I have lived twice in my life, North Beach. One of the most dynamic and diverse areas of SF (and escaping the 100+ degree east bay weather.) It truly defines the Five Star to Dive Bar lifestyle as a neighborhood. Historical with its bars smelling of urine, strip clubs, hipster coffee shops, and modern and old interpretations of Italian food. It really is a mosaic of everything I love; dirty, weird, and beautiful all at the same time.

Much to my surprise and shock, one of my favorite restaurants in North Beach, Rose Pistola, closed its doors for good. The reality of its passing was more of a wake up call than a sadness. That reality is that I need to get back to SF, back to my culinary roots. It’s flashing at me like the bright neon Burlesque signs on Broadway, “You Suck- Wake the Fuck Up!” Telling me I need to revisit a place so close to come: physically and mentally. I sat and pondered, maybe the world is a big place, but maybe not all places are as good as the last. Galinda was possibly right when she told Dorothy, “Then close your eyes and tap your heels together three times and think to yourself, there’s no place like home.”

Fuck it, Galinda was right. Red heels, Urine, and San Francisco seem to go together. Why not take a global break and find my local yellow brick road?

Check out another story about a favorite restaurant of mine in Berkeley, CA – Chez Panisse.

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