Hello Kitty Death Dance

Pattaya, Thailand

I admit it, I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. That’s right, Donnie and Marie rocked it. Shit I loved the movie Grease as a kid, Olivia Newton was hot in black leather and John Travolta was the man. But the older I get, the appreciation for song and dance has waned. I just hate it and I hate it with enthusiasm.

Last year traveling through Pattaya a city outside Bangkok, Thailand.  I stumbled into the New ORN Bar and across this horribly choreographed dancing with a dance crew that moved like a bunch of injured Hello Kitty’s; Backed by a karaoke singer who sounded like she was forcibly singing for Kim Jong-Un or a drowning cat, take your pick.

These aren’t Go Go bars or Lady-boy shows but acts that reminded me of something you would see at a convalescent home. And what is so bizarre is these type of clubs are everywhere in town and locals love it. Sit down grab a beer, a bite to eat and watch your favorite song and dance team.  Shit watch the video and you can even see the staff getting involved in the act.

Anyway, watching this act made me want to lose control in a very bad way. I wanted to grab a garbage can lid and hit it with a wooden spoon – hard. Marching around in circles, with my pants around my ankles howling.  Mentally it wasn’t pretty and I did my best to hold it together….. or so I thought.

Soon after this video I was told I fled the scene skipping, while singing “You’re the one that I want, oo oo oo Honey.”

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