Hello Kitty Death Dance

Pattaya, Thailand

I admit it, I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. That’s right, Donnie and Marie rocked it. Shit I loved the movie Grease, Olivia Newton was hot in black leather. But the older I get, the appreciation for song and dance has waned. I just hate it and I hate it with enthusiasm. So last night I stumbled into a bar (Ruby Club) and across this horribly choreographed dancing with a dance crew that moved like a bunch of injured Hello Kitty’s; Backed by a karaoke singer who sounded like she was forcibly singing for Kim Jung-Un. It made me want to lose control in a very bad way. I wanted to grab a garbage can lid and hit it with a wooden spoon – hard. Marching around in circles, with my pants around my ankles howling.  Mentally it wasn’t pretty and I did my best to hold it together….. or so I thought.

Soon after this video I was told I fled the scene skipping, while singing “You’re the one that I want, oo oo oo Honey.”

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